Catholic Marriage Preparation

Unveiled in Your Parish

You can purchase the content for Unveiled and run the program as a part of your catechetical marriage preparation requirements. The DVD set, Participant Book, and Facilitator guide are beautiful, compelling, and easy to use. Unveiled has helped to prepare over 5,000 people for marriage all over the United States. It is road tested and ready for you to use.


Unveiled Online

Unveiled Online is an e-Learning platform for engaged couples who cannot attend your marriage preparation course for any number of reasons. The program integrates dynamic video content with engaging activities for your couples to complete in order to help them on their way to a joyful and holy marriage in the Church. 

Beautiful. Logical. Compelling. 

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews

Since the implementation of Unveiled in 2014...

  • Over 99% of participants say that the program met or exceeded their expectations
  • Over 99% of participants state that they found the video content of the program engaging 
  • When asked if the content was relevant to their marriage, 99% of participants agree
  • 99% of participants found the Unveiled activities fruitful for their relationships
  • 97% agree that they are satisfied with their experience
  • 97% of participants thought Unveiled incorporated prayer in a helpful way
  • When asked if they would consider attending more diocesan events based on their experience, 90% answer yes.