Innovative Solutions for Diocesan Offices

Using Unveiled as part of your diocesan marriage preparation program allows you to ensure that your couples are getting everything they need to live their vocation to married life...

Comprehensive Catechesis
Unveiled covers over 20 topics presented by a number of theologians, priests, deacons, and couples in a way that integrates the best of our Catholic tradition with the best adult education methodology. 

Diligently Catholic
Unveiled presents the theology of the body, human sexuality, married spirituality, communication, living together before marriage, and Natural Family Planning all with pastoral sensitivity and unwavering fidelity to the tradition. 

Formed Facilitators
There is no replacement for the witness of real life couples living the sacrament of marriage. Unveiled allows you to form your volunteers in story-telling, evangelization, and hospitality so that they can testify to the reality of the vocation without being a theologian.

 Artfully Crafted
The Unveiled video content and workbooks capture the beauty of the sacrament of marriage through the arts of video and story-telling. The video segments are all less than 10 minutes in length so that the participants can engage the content in digestible pieces. 


All of the Unveiled program is available online through e-Learning

Do you have couples in long distance relationships or in work situations that don't allow for them to come to your marriage prep sessions in person? Unveiled is an innovative and flexible solution. Couples can complete the course at their own pace: Anytime. Anywhere. 

Unveiled is built reliably on an e-Learning platform that integrates all the wonderful elements of the live program with the developing science of e-Learning. so that you can be sure your couple is interacting not only with one another but also with the Christ's vision for the married vocation. 

Marriage Prep, Meet Evangelization

Unveiled was created with evangelization in mind.

Marriage Preparation is very likely one of the first adult encounters a person has with the Church. Our goal is to support you as you support these couples in their journey towards marriage. Unveiled presents the theology of sexuality and marriage in all of its splendor in a way that invites your couples to consider the Church's teaching anew. Unveiled is meant to stir curiosity for dismissive couples, build trust for the curious ones, and give all couples the opportunity to consider living marriage fully as Christ intends.

 Marriage prep is one of the greatest opportunities we have as a Church to make a great impression, talk about the difficult topics, and present the Church's 2,000+ year wisdom about marriage. 

Unveiled Content Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Why Marriage in the Church | Mark Hart

Module 2: The Beginning

Marriage Vows | Fr. Dan Beeman

Genesis I: Image and Likeness | Dr. John Grabowski

Genesis II: Marriage Covenant | Dr. John Grabowski

Genesis III: Marriage and the Fall | Dr. John Grabowski

Module 3: Becoming One

What's Love Got To Do With It? | Mark Hart

Communication and Conflict | Married Couples

Military Marriages | Married Couples (Optional Content)

Module 4: Going Deeper

Nature of Christian Marriage | Dr. John Grabowski

Decision Making | Married Couples

Cohabitation | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Blending Families | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Module 5: The Marriage Bond

Marriage Bond | Dr. John Grabowski

The Rings | Fr. Dan Beeman

Fertility and the Language of the Body | Dr. John Grabowski and Dr. Karen Poehailos

Common Challenges | Married Couples

Module 6: Marriage as Vocation

Stewardship | Married Couples

Spiritual Life of a Marriage | Married Couples

Mixed Faith Marriages | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Lean In | Mark Hart

Fully Engaged Game (e-Learning Only)

Module 7: Conclusion

Marriages in the Community | Married Couples