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e-Learning Platform

Unveiled Online is a Catholic Marriage Preparation Course based on the science of e-learning. Couples will progress through a number of modules that outline Catholic theology, communication skills, married spirituality, and intimacy in a way that respects their schedules and allows them to progress at their own pace. Engaged couples will interact with the program through a number of different videos, journaling opportunities, activities, and conversations with one another.

Once a couple registers for Unveiled, they will be able to download a workbook and begin the course. Unveiled can be completed no matter where the couple is so long as both parties have access to the internet. The program works best when the couple progresses through the material together, even if they are separated by distance. 

The Logical Choice

Unveiled's e-learning platform was designed for couples with complex schedules or separated by distance. Many military couples or and couples in long-distance relationships use Unveiled to complete this aspect of their marriage preparation requirements.

Unveiled Outline

Module 1: Introduction

Why Marriage in the Church | Mark Hart

Module 2: The Beginning

Marriage Vows | Fr. Dan Beeman

Genesis I: Image and Likeness | Dr. John Grabowski

Genesis II: Marriage Covenant | Dr. John Grabowski

Genesis III: Marriage and the Fall | Dr. John Grabowski

Module 3: Becoming One

What's Love Got To Do With It? | Mark Hart

Communication and Conflict | Married Couples

Military Marriages | Married Couples (Optional Content)

Module 4: Going Deeper

Nature of Christian Marriage | Dr. John Grabowski

Decision Making | Married Couples

Cohabitation | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Blending Families | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Module 5: The Marriage Bond

Marriage Bond | Dr. John Grabowski

The Rings | Fr. Dan Beeman

Fertility and the Language of the Body | Dr. John Grabowski and Dr. Karen Poehailos

Common Challenges | Married Couples

Module 6: Marriage as Vocation

Stewardship | Married Couples

Spiritual Life of a Marriage | Married Couples

Mixed Faith Marriages | Married Couples (Custom Content)

Lean In | Mark Hart

Fully Engaged Game

Module 7: Conclusion

Marriages in the Community | Married Couples